An aspiring actress and singer 🎬🎤 Not your average fashion and lifestyle influencer

Acting is something I've been working on very hard for many years now. 
I discovered the love for it at an early age, in kindergarten, I would always write screenplays and then perform them along with my friends. In primary school, I loved being a part of school plays.
When I was 13 I started attending the musical theatre where I would learn not only acting but also singing and basic stage movement.
Going to the theatre and having met people who like me loved being there and learning about it was absolutely amazing.
It was without a doubt  the happiest time in my life.
My love for acting flourished, my love for singing has just started and I'm loving it!

If I was to describe my personal style I would say it's elegant, stylish and classy but mixed with street style trends.
I've always seen fashion and beauty as something that helps you inspire the others. Something that tells a story. 
Via the way I dress I show you my style as an artist and while being in front of the camera I perform as on the stage or in a movie.
Sport is also a performance and the way in which I deal with stress. Fitness redefines stereotypes and proves that everyone is capable of doing great, big things. It is sweat, hard work, and beauty.

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