Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Silence and coziness

Not feeling your fingers after going out with no gloves on.
Shivering after being outside just for a couple minutes without a few layers of clothes on.
Short gloomy days.
Still, there is something we love winter for.
For me, apart from spending hours at home and drinking hot ginger tea are afternoon walks.
By leaving the city for a moment,we can sink into the silence completely.

Pairing knitted sweater with stylish skinny jeans and warm boots we can be sure that not only will it look great but also make us feel cozy.

A coat is a must-have in a fall/winter season. It goes well with absolutely everything- from leggings to fancy dresses.
As I am one of these people who constantly complain how cold it is, I wear it even inside. And again -it is always perfectly fine.
Also, a scarf is an essential for all those cold days.

Coat: Reserved
Boots: Lasocki
Knitted sweater/tunic: H&M

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