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Hey there! Today I put this outfit together, and I can tell you that it's already one of my fav combos! The sweater matches with the sandals, both in the beautiful color of a light desert sand. Black jeans also look really nice here, they break the brighter colors and add this look a nice vibe.

Styling a white shirt

How to start running?

Everyone knows that sports are good for you and running seems to be an ideal one. We were meant to run, according to many researchers.

Does that seem unbelievable to you? To me, it always seemed like it. I heard a lot of phrases such as "you're going to ruin your knees", "cardio will just make you look skinny-fat", "but...long distances? Humans are not built to run long distances!" while I was starting out.
There was, however, something that kept me going, something that made me love running. It was not easy, starting out when everyone thought they can teach me everything(having not run a mile ever).
Through failures and hard work I managed to not only get pretty good results but also to enjoy running and find a motivation to put on my running shoes and go out, whether it was raining, snowing or the sun was shining.
I would love to share the things I've used to proudly call myself a runner.

Same dress, different look.

Red by the sea